Sharing My Passion for Travel

The Birth of our Travel Blog

On the first month of school, I would travel to different preschool sites to teach a class about prevention of infectious disease. The book that I love to use is “Germs Are Not for Sharing” by Elizabeth Verdick. After having an entire two months off during the summer, the thoughts of our family travel will still be lingering in my mind as I drove to each school sites. As I ponder on the topic of infectious disease while my mind wanders back towards my wanderlust, the idea of starting a travel blog dawns on me. Why not? I am a 186 days employee who is passionate about my job as a nurse and also love traveling (as much as possible) within the remaining days of the year.

Sharing my passion of travel would just be putting my daydreaming into writing. In my opinion, traveling is as infectious and contagious, if not more so, than any other infectious disease. At this point, the inception of a blog name began to formulate. So far, our family’s top choices are:

Unanimously, our family voted for ShareTheTravelBug. Thus the beginning of our journal in travel blogging.

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