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Our Liebster Award Tag!

Gladys Bronsyn Stern, the author of The Sleeping Beauty once said, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” We couldn’t agree more! Therefore, the travel bugs would like to broadcast our gratitude to our friends, families and dear readers. Wait for it… It’s official! We are legit! Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are […]


Our Secret to Low-Cost Travel

What is our secret to low-cost travel? The Southwest Companion Pass. The Companion pass is one of the best deals to travel within America on any Southwest route. It is basically as advertises, “Fly one. Get one free.” Once you receive the pass, you can designate a travel companion to travel with you for almost […]


10 Tips to Freeze Vacation Meltdowns

Let’s be honest, most of us would not describe traveling with young children as a walk in the park.  It certainly has its challenges, especially when you are traveling with infants or stroller in tow.  However, with a little bit of planning and a few know-hows, one can turn potential meltdowns into fun adventures. We […]