A Perfect Winter Day in Oslo

Oslo, I’ve misjudged you. Although many reviews rated you as an orderly, yet expensive city (aka boring), I am pleasantly surprised by your charms.

As your friendly travel bugs, we have consolidated a list for your travel ease. If you are looking to visit Oslo, check out this guide for 10 Ways to Make your Trip to Oslo a Winter Wonderland.

10 Sights for a Winter Wonderland in Oslo

1. Oslo Central Station

It is the largest station in the entire Norwegian railway system. Well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, this station is equipped with clear signs that direct you to your destination. We certainly found our footing in Oslo with ease by starting our trip here.

Oslo Central Station
A clean and simple layout of the Oslo Central Station.
Oslo Central Station
Fun Fact: One of our favorite movies, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, has several scenes filmed in Finse, near the Oslo-Bergen railway. Is it a coincidence that the decoration at the Central Station reminds us of Star Wars?

2. The Winter Market in Central Oslo: Jul I Vinterland

If you like traditional hand-crafted items and local food products such as sausage and cheese, visit the Winter Market near the Royal Palace. Note that most vendors, museums, and shops are not in business for the holidays. Lesson learned: prioritize and visit nature scenes in Norway when attractions are closed.

Oslo Winter Market
A festive Winter Market located in central Oslo.

3. The Ice-Skating Rink: Spikersuppa

This family-friendly ice-skating rink is delightful—and is open on Christmas Day! It is located in central Oslo next to the Winter Market. From here, you can have a beautiful view of the Ferris Wheel while strolling up the street to visit the Royal Palace.

Spikersuppa ice-skating rink
The Spikersuppa ice-skating rink with a view of the Ferris wheel. Can you find Santa in this photo?

4. The Royal Palace

After walking through the Winter Market and a lovely park surrounded by trees and ponds, you will arrive at the Royal Palace. This neo-classic architecture is the residence of King Harald V and Queen Sonja. At 1:30 pm daily, you can watch a cultural tribute to the Norwegian monarchy: the changing of the guard.

Oslo Royal Palace
The changing of the guard takes place in the Royal Palace daily with military precision.

5. Vigeland Sculpture Park

Vigeland is the world’s largest sculpture park with over 200 sculptures created by a single artist. Ice-frosted sculptures winterized the garden; adding a feeling of beautiful desolation to the enchanting sight. It is incredibly cheesy but we had so much fun imitating the sculptures at the Vigeland Park.

Vigeland Park Statue Closeup

Vigeland Park Statue Fun Picture
Meet the silly Travel Bug extended family!
Vigeland Park Overview
More than 200 of Gustav Vigeland’s work on display.

6. Fråm Museum

A museum that features Fråm: a strong wooden ship that tells the stories of early Arctic exploration. Fun fact: A thousand-year-old ship can also be found in Oslo displayed in the Viking Ship Museum.

Fråm Museum
Fråm: the wooden ship famous for its Arctic expedition.
Fråm Museum Zeplin
Other attempts at polar exploration featured in the museum.
Lighthouse outside Fråm Museum
A festive lighthouse decoration outside the museum.
Harbor view near Fråm Museum
A beautiful harbor view near the entrance.

7. Akershaus Castle and Fortress

A medieval castle that serves to defend the city. It was also used as a royal palace and as a prison (hopefully not simultaneously 😁). We recommend visiting in the evening as the night view adds a layer of mysteriousness to the place.

Akershaus Castle and Fortress
The view at the entrance of Akershaus.

Akershaus Castle and Fortress Interior

Akershaus Castle and Fortress Interior
Does it look eerily familiar to you? Perhaps you have came across the replica at Disney World’s Epcot in Florida.
Castle view lookout point
A city view from the castle lookout point.
Castle entrance with horse
We met this beauty on the street leading to the Fortress entrance.

8. Oslo Opera House

The Opera House is located near the Oslo Central Station. In addition to sampling Norwegian opera and ballet, you can also walk on the snow-covered roof in the winter.

Oslo Opera House
Vision check: How many people do you see walking on the roof?

9. Oslo Cathedral

Oslo Cathedral is the parish church of Downtown Oslo. It is used for weddings and funerals by the Norwegian Royal Family.

Oslo Cathedral

10. Karl Johans Gate

The main street of the city. It leads straight to the Royal Palace with many elegant shops and trendy restaurants on the way. Speaking of restaurants and food, did you know that the Norwegians love frozen pizza 🍕?

Karl Johans Gate

So that’s a wrap for Oslo, Norway. One of the smallest, yet vibrant European capitals. We hope that this little guide spikes your interest and entices you to consider visiting Norway.

If you have been to Oslo, we would love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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    • Allison C.
    • January 8, 2018

    Hi friend!
    I loved reading about your trip to Oslo! The pictures were breathtaking!
    Looks like an enchanting place to visit!

      • spidercam
      • January 8, 2018

      Thank you friend! So glad you enjoyed reading it. 🙂

  1. Great post and suggestions! Oslo looks so pretty in the winter!

      • Jenny Morgan
      • January 11, 2018

      Thank you! Oslo is beautiful in the winter, the lack of crowd in a capital makes it even more appealing. Look forward to share Bergen and Flam with our readers! 😀

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