Stockholm Metro Art and the Development of the Travel Bug Signature Pose

One of my favorite pastimes is people watching at a metro station to learn about the culture and rhythms of a city. The metro in Stockholm, however, is an exception. After all, who can focus on people when you are in the worldā€™s longest art exhibition? The Stockholm metro art is displayed in over 90 of the 100 stations, each telling a story of the surrounding geographical area.

On New Year’s Eve, my brother and I went on an adventure to explore 8 of the stations. The intention of this adventure was to develop our signature pose. According to my dear brother, every travel blogger should have one on Instagram.

The outcome of this experiment? Well, we ended up taking A LOT of photos with my hands on my hips. As I finally made peace with our “official signature pose”, my dear brother said, “this looks more like a tiger mom pose rather than a travel bug pose…”

My response? šŸ¤¬šŸ¤”šŸ‘¾

Stockholm Metro Art

8 incredible stations we explored on New Year Eve.

1. Stockholm Central

This is the first station to display metro art. A combination of artwork, including mosaic tile platforms and blue leaf caves are featured here.

2. KungstrƤdgƄrden

This station looks like a modernized indoor archaeological site. According to the official Stockholm metro art website, the old Stockholm Makalƶs palace inspired the artwork of this station. The artist described the theme as an underground garden. I felt transformed into a game piece in this station, jumping through the mazes Of “Candy Land”.

3. Stadion

This is the station for the nearby Olympic Stadium. Colorful wooden signs are everywhere to capture the festivity of the Olympic celebration in Stockholm in 1912. We also had endless fun with the giant running-men exit signs.

4. Mƶrby Centrum

The Mƶrby centrum is the end station of the red line. It is attached to the Mƶrby centrum shopping mall. The platform wall is an optical illusion that changes color depending on where you stand. I love the pastel colors of this station, but it is also extremely frustrating standing there, not seeing the optical illusion that they described. I felt like Rachael in the Friends’ episode when she cannot tell where the baby is during the ultrasound!

5. Ɩstermalmstorg

A famous Swedish artist, Siri Derkert created the artwork in this station. According to the official site, the artwork features culture, peace, womenā€™s rights, and environmental issues.

6. Tekniska Hogskolan

This station features 3-D paintings that involve the four elements with a modern sci-fi twist reminiscent of ā€œthe Persistence of Memoryā€ by Salvador Dali.

7. Universitetet

The platform walls of this station depict different themes, such as mathematics, Aristotleā€™s philosophy, and Linnaeusā€™ travel. You will find ā€œThe UN Declaration of Human Rightsā€ mural on the walls of the platform track.

8. Bergshamra

The Bergshamra station has a collage of images of historical development created in different mediums, including glass and granite. The platform walls feature runes on granite that remind us of the runes of Norse Mythology we saw in Birka and Skansen. The theme of this station is ā€œvoices from the past.ā€

Tips: If you are interested in a free guided tour during the summer, you can find the schedule and information on the official Stockholm Metro Art website.

So there you have it! Our back story to these mysterious strange poses and our New Year adventure. Despite the signature pose fail, we had some amazing sibling time admiring part of the 110 kilometers-long subway system that is vibrantly adorned with artwork.

As for our signature pose development, someone once said,

Life is a journey, not a destination.

I agree wholeheartedly.

PS: The travel bugs agreed unanimously that we shall just be ourselves and give up on this cheesy signature pose idea (at least for now).







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  1. I went to Stockholm a few years ago before I was into photography and somehow missed the subway art! I’m now dying to go back and revisit! Not just for the subway but also to see the city again! Thanks for sharing and beautiful photographs too.

      • Jenny Morgan
      • February 9, 2018

      So glad you enjoyed the post, Mike. If you go in the summer, they will have a free tour that explains the artwork. We love your photography, looking forward to see more soon. šŸ™‚

      1. Fantastic, thanks so much for letting me know! šŸ™‚

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